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DB Shooting Supplies has excellent LEFT-HANDED HOL

Finding left-hand holsters can be tricky, especially in Australia... DB shooting supplies has excellent DAA left-hand holsters (and most importantly has stock). I've purchased another DAA left hand holster for a Sig P320 ages ago and was very happy with that too. In general, DB Shooting Supplies carries an excellent range of gear for those of us that like shooting IPSC/USPSA!

Prompt service & delivery

I finally found the holster I wanted for my CZ SP-01 , thankfully from an Australian not American business , ordered it on Sunday afternoon & it was delivered to me in Cairns on the Thursday morning which was great so I could use it that afternoon at our clubs IPSC training session. The packaging was satisfactory & the holster continues to work great too !

Daa pdr pro 2

This is a quality holster for its price range in the market. I purchased it for ipsc production. I had a ghost stinger already and wasn’t entirely happy with it and thought I’d take a chance on the daa pdr pro 2. To be honest given that the pdr is only about $20 more than the ghost I wasn’t expecting too much but I was surprised. This thing leaves the ghost for dead in both range of adjustability and fit as well as overall build quality. A much better product. I highly recommended it.