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UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

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Excellent product and service from David Bailey sh

If you have CZ pistols these are a must have so easy to use to load and unload magazines. Definatly 5 star rating.

First use of UpLula Magazine Loader

I have used a few of the available pistol magazine loaders some cheaper and some more expensive than the UpLula and I have found most of them failed to meet the advertising hype and of course they either failed to work efficiently or it was quicker to struggle with the fingers. The UpLula worked well and I am very happy with it and it appears to be of good quality and looks like it will be very durable. Great product.

Mag Loader

No more sore fingers!

Amazing Product Highly recommend it !!!!

This is an amazing product, it makes loading mags so easy. even new and stiff mags are easy to load. No more sore hands trying to load a full mag, it is done with easy and done very quickly.

Mag loading made easy

Awesome too, no more sore fingers or thumbs, just pop them in. Wouldn't want to spend a weekend shooting & reloading mags without one of these.

great product,

not sure how i did without it. easy to use, well made. recommended