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Comp-Tac International Holster

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I Highly recommend db shooting supplies

Comp-tac Awesome Holsters

Purchased one of these for my Walther PPQ 5". Great decision. These holsters are sold, light weight and made of good gauge quality Kydex. These holsters will fit, ANY PLATFORM. They're finished off great. Really good retention adjustment and super smooth inside. And what it's made for is mould printed near the bottom of the holster. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this brand. Do it, and enjoy.

I would highly recommend the Comp-Tac

Finally got hold of the Walther PPQ Q5 and setup my rig with the Comp-Tac International holster. I decided to go for a belt mount [1.5”] with the drop/offset attachment as I suffer ‘duck’s disease’ [arse to close to the ground]. The holster was a snap to configure and the three tensioning screws permitted a secure fit whilst allowing a very rapid draw. I haven’t tried it ‘live’ yet as I have to complete a holster course as my old one ‘expired’ when I left pistol shooting back in the 1990s. One of the guys at our club is definitely inclined to the Comp-Tac for his Q5 as he checked out a Blade-Tech and wasn’t that impressed. As for myself, I went for the Comp-Tac mainly due to the excellent reviews and the scarcity of decent holsters for the Q5 in Oz. In the end, it was a toss-up between the Comp-Tac and a Fobus and I’m so glad I went with the Comp-Tac. Some advice for prospective Comp-Tac buyers: 1. For the belt mount – give it a go with a 1.5” belt first before you snap off the tabs to take a 2” job as once they’re gone, that’s it! I was going to go with a good quality 2” belt I had, however, not too many strides come with 2” belt loops these days and the holster is really stable, even with a light-weight 1.5” belt. 2. Give it a clean & inspection first – I’ve read that some Kydex holsters may have rough bits [nothing of the sort in my Compo-Tac though]. 3. Don’t waste money on ‘Quick Draw’ holster lubes – a tiny amount of good quality silicon spray works wonders, but check the retention after application. 4. Start practicing your draw & holster slowly paying particular attention to keeping the pistol vertical – It doesn’t go too well drawing at an angle! I rushed it a bit [new toy syndrome!] and noticed some minor scraping that was mainly due to not keeping the pistol vertical during the holster. So, in summary, I would highly recommend the Comp-Tac International as I was unable to find fault with the design/ergonomics or quality.