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DAA Racer Magazine Pouch

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DAA Racer Magazine pouch

I've recently commenced participating in IPSC competition and had purchased other equipment however found it not up to the task. I was refered to Davis Bailey Imports as they specialise in IPSC. After speaking withDavidhe recommended the DAA Racer Magazine pouch so I ordered them. Last night I used them in a competition for the first time and was very impressed. They worke perfectly. Thanks David

Excellent Mag Pouch

Purchased to suit double stack magazine. Very simple to adjust to suit various mags with plates supplied.


Bought a couple more of these to compliment some others I bought a couple of years ago as they are very good quality bits of gear ;) Great service as always from DBSS :)

Buy these

Great value, easy to swap inserts for other mags, simple to change carry orientation.

DAA Racer Magazine Pouch

When I fitted the DAA magazine pouches to my belt I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to fit and adjust as well as how snug they held my magazines. Fully adjustable left or right hand.

DAA Racer Mag Pouch - with Magnet

I purchased three of the DAA Racer Mag Pouch and was impressed with the quality and price. I found the insertion of the spacer to be a little tricky but that is probably the case with all mag pouches. I had to install the wide spacer for my CZ 75 Shadow Magazines but once in a slight adjustment and they were a perfect fit. And quite economical for a first time setup as they are very well priced.