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Alpha-X / Race Master Holster - Magnetic Insert Block Assembly

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HK VP9 insert Block

This was bought for the H&K SFP9L and I find that there is considerable sideways movement when the pistol is holstered. The pistol is still secure but not exactly stable. There is no other choice for a holster for the H&K SFP9L so will make do with this insert.

Simple design that works.

Using the magnetic insert for my Kimber 1911 is perfect for use in Action competition. A positive feel when locking in and a clean, quick release. Very easy to swap out inserts for my STI RangeMaster.

Good but not perfect

With my S&W N frame inserting the gun is not as straightforward as expected, trigger guard must be kept in contact with right side for a clean lockup. Although secure, gun has some movement even when lock lever engaged. I haven't gone back to the non magnetic insert, so I think that sums it up.