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DAA Alpha-X Holster

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Absolutely brilliant holster and fantastic helpful service from David. Definitely my first call for anything in future!

Excellent, however....

I purchased this race holster for my Sig Sauer 1911 Super Target. The holster is very well made and finished. All the mechanisms work beautifully and my Sig fits the 1911 block well apart from one small matter. My Sig 1911 has a rounded trigger guard and this causes the gun to pivot forward when seated in the holster. I should clarify that once locked the firearm will not fall out of the holster. Trust me I've tried. The lock is 100% secure. This pivoting movement is not ideal for anyone so I had to purchase the DAA muzzle support arm in order to properly secure the firearm and prevent movement. The muzzle support arm attaches via a hole provided in the bottom of the holster. Problem solved. It's important to note that this is not an inherent design flaw with the holster, but rather a case of there being so many versions of the classic 1911 out there that it's simply impossible to cater for every single one of them. My message is that if you have a 1911 with a rounded trigger guard this is a great holster, however you should also purchase the muzzle support arm to complete the package.

DAA Alpha X Holster

Great product / awesome service