DAA Alpha-X Holster - Left Hand (Black Logo Inserts, SVI Single Stack (Square Trigger Guard))


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Introducing the new Double-Alpha Academy's race holster.

The DAA Alpha-X Holster is the next step in the evolution of the DAA Race Master Holster. 
The DAA Alpha-X Holster even uses the same magnetic actuated inserts as the DAA Race Master, so this allows an economical upgrade for those competitors who have already invested in the DAA Race Master system, by purchasing just the DAA Alpha-X Blank Housing.

The DAA Alpha-X brings several meaningful performance improvements:

New Ball Joint and Lock-Up Mechanism
The ball joint of the DAA Alpha-X has been redesigned with a much larger ball joint and a pressure lug lock-up. This allows fine adjustment of the holster angle without damaging the surface of the ball joint, thus making even the smallest adjustments possible.
The ball joint has also been located higher up, bringing it closer to the centre of the holster which reduces the torque and stress forces applied and gives the holster more rigidity. 
A large easy-to-reach one-screw locking system has also been incorporated which allows the adjustment to the holster position even when wearing it.
Body Rail Height Adjustment
The DAA Alpha-X height adjustment is by means of a rail incorporated directly into the side of the holster body itself. This gives the holster an extended range of adjustment and again reduces torque and forces applied. The locking system has been redesigned to lock the holster at the desired height without causing any damage to any of the holster components. This is achieved by the use of an expanding dovetail mechanism that does not damage the rail.
Detachable Belt Hanger
The DAA Alpha-X comes standard with a two-piece belt hanger which can be dismantled by opening a single screw, allowing the holster to be removed from the belt whilst retaining all the position settings. This is a great space-saving feature which we sure will be appreciated by all users.
Interchangeable Color Logo Inserts
Whilst the DAA Alpha-X is only available in black anodise, DAA has made the coloured inserts for the hanger and body logos available to be purchased separately, so if you want to change the colour component of your holster it's as easy as replacing the laser cut inserts!

Gun Compatibility 
While the Alpha-X Holster is gun-specific, it is designed to enable you to switch from one gun to another without having to buy a complete new holster. All you have to do is change the relatively inexpensive locking-block assembly, available separately.

Magnetic Insert
Double Alpha have a Magnetic Insert Block Assembly which works by two powerful magnets in opposition to give what feels like a spring-loaded system.

This system provides two distinct positions for the slide lock, all the way down, and all the way up.

The system also provides feedback to the competitor by way of an audible "click" so the users know the holster is in the correct position for locking the gun in place or re-holstering it.


NOTE: The insert 1911 Steel Frame - NARROW is designed for 1911's with narrow trigger guards such as the STI Trojan, STI Lawman etc. They can also provide a tighter fit for the standard 1911 but may require some minor fitting. 




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By: on 18 July 2018
Absolutely brilliant holster and fantastic helpful service from David. Definitely my first call for anything in future!

Excellent, however....

29 January 2018
I purchased this race holster for my Sig Sauer 1911 Super Target. The holster is very well made and finished. All the mechanisms work beautifully and my Sig fits the 1911 block well apart from one small matter. My Sig 1911 has a rounded trigger guard and this causes the gun to pivot forward when seated in the holster. I should clarify that once locked the firearm will not fall out of the holster. Trust me I've tried. The lock is 100% secure. This pivoting movement is not ideal for anyone so I had to purchase the DAA muzzle support arm in order to properly secure the firearm and prevent movement. The muzzle support arm attaches via a hole provided in the bottom of the holster. Problem solved. It's important to note that this is not an inherent design flaw with the holster, but rather a case of there being so many versions of the classic 1911 out there that it's simply impossible to cater for every single one of them. My message is that if you have a 1911 with a rounded trigger guard this is a great holster, however you should also purchase the muzzle support arm to complete the package.

DAA Alpha X Holster

By: on 18 September 2017
Great product / awesome service

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