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DAA Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder - Pistol

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Mini Mr Bullet Great

I have just installed a Mini Mr Bullet for loading my 38 Special Service Match loads. Boy Its has sped the loading process up when you shoot 400 rounds a week time and the loading bench needs to be as efficient as it can be. What a great product wish I hadn't waited so long to buy one

These should come standard with every Dillon...

Chris (see below) was right - on his recommendation, I bought one of these off David. I was sceptical at first, but that soon changed when I started using it. After a case feeder, this addition has to be the next 'must have'. Faster reloading yes, but more importantly, it takes the tedium out of hand feeding all of those projectiles! Plus, it frees up my right hand so I can clutch a beer now (only joking! maybe...). I can get 107 x 124gn hollow base pills into one mag too, which is great. I got a spare magazine tube as well, so my long suffering wife can fill it for me, while I continue reloading with the other. Awesome gadget and David's service is amazing, as always! On ya' Dave! Now, where did I put that beer.... (joking, again! maybe...)

This thing works great

It sped up my reloading 10 fold. I dont have a case feeder so fill the dillon 650 case tube up with ~25 cases, run them through in minutes, click the bullet feeder to next tube and reload the case feeder and bobs your for another quick 25 rounds. I've recommended this to other people at my club and they are currently looking at it.

must have

Have 3 of these one for each tool head makes loading so much easier one of the best things I've bought for loading.

mr mini

the mr mini bullet feeder was very easy to fit on my 650. works every time,just can't see why you would buy the mr bullet feeder when this works very well thanks again david

mr mini bullet feeder

The mr mini bullet feeder is the perfect accessory for any progressive press,it's simple to install and holds just over 100 124gn 38 super projectiles.I will be buying another for my 9mm tool head & would highly recommend this item and David Bailey shooting supplies to any one.