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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro

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MSA hearing protection

Best hearing protection that I have used. Excellent noise cancelling and voice differentiation was clear. Conversation is easy. I needed a pair uregently and was able to purchase and pick up same day. Service and advice from David was terrific. The MSAs are extremely sensitive but easy to adjust. I would recommend the gel inserts. They added an additional layer of comfort that enable me to wear them all day at the range (shooting and RO) and increased noise cancelling properties by better sealing.

You get what you pay for

The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro aural protectors are a quality item. It takes a moment or two to work out how the second battery is fitted, but its pretty simple after the first attempt. Comments from others said that any aural protector should have silicon / gel ear cups if available and I agree. They really add that extra level of comfort.


I ordered the black MSA sordin hearing protection based on the price and overall quality based on multiple reviews from shooting forums in the USA. I am a part time firearms instructor and have to wear hearing protection for 4-6 hours a day for both pistol and rifle shooting. I have previously used: Howard Leight Sport- too small on ears, bottom of earmuff lifts up sometimes allowing sound in. uncomfortable. 3M peltor sport tac- too small, too uncomfortable 3M Comtac XP- too small on ears, cut out and tiny sound 3M Tactical XP- good DB protection, good quality, too large to use for Kevlar helmets, when firing long arms Cost: $228 + delivery. Very good value and cheapest price in Australia. Arrived within 7 days. The 3M equivalent, the Comtac XP, is anywhere from $500-$650 in Australia, and most suppliers don't have them in stock. Comfort: I have very large ears. They sit comfortably on my head, even with inner rubber plugs. I need to take them off about every hour to hour and a half to give my ears a rub, but definitely less when using the howard leight sport and 3m pletor sportac in the same circumstances. However they give good protection and soft comfort even when wearing thick glasses frames. Practicality: Buttons: easy to use. Easy to locate. Graduations in volume are at good intervals. Weight. I don't know what they weigh, but they aren't heavy and you hardly notice them on your head. Kevlar helmet: I need to wear these under a Kevlar helmet and whilst using a rifle. I have worn them under my helmet about 6 times now. Obviously the webbing and straps on the helmet press against the wire head frame, but they fit comfortably enough to wear up to 45 minutes. They also fit flush underneath the Kevlar helmet edge without any issue. rifle/shotgun shooting: The low profile and bottom cut out allows a good cheek weld on the stock of a rifle or shot gun, which the bigger and bulkier 3M tactical XP does not. I found with my shooting position that the larger 3M Tactical XP, whilst better for DB rating protection, kept vibrating against the stock in both rifle and shotgun stocks. Hearing quality: I can hear very well on the line whilst talking whilst shooting is still going on. I haven't had too many issues relating to not being about hear anyone, however a simple press of the up button sorts it out. Talking/background noise: general talking on the range is not an issue and the sound is of good quality. There is no issue with 'cut out' when a firearm is going off in the back ground. firearms noise: you hear all external noises including firearms. it isn't cut out like some other systems like the Comtac XP, which is very metalic and sounds like an old AM radio. These were also very sensitive to metallic sounds and again were very loud and tiny which I found very annoying over time. overall, I would recommend these and find them to perform very well under all conditions. They represent great practicality and even better value. with the exception of the DB rating, which I offset that by wearing some rubber plugs inside, these are excellent for both pistol and long arm shooting.