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Sordin Supreme PRO-X FULL CAMO with LED and GEL

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Not cheap - but definitely worthy of your hard ear

I found at the range I needed foam ear plugs in conjunction with the cheaper electronic ear muffs as I just wasn't getting the protection I needed. I would repeatedly leave the range with a roaring headache from all the shooting & noise around me & needed to do something about it - After some exhaustive research all roads kept winding back to the Sordid Supreme Pro X - I tried my brand new Pro X's out at the range last weekend & the improvement was remarkable - as it should be for the price. The gel ear cups are a must have if you wear glasses & from a electronic noise protection perspective the Pro X's are faultless - I no longer need to also wear the foam ear plugs - incidentally I was on a bench next to a guy shooting 300 WinMag on one side & 450 Bushmaster on the other side with a muzzle break - the Pro X's took all that thumping noise in their stride, I was very impressed. For the first time in memory I was able to converse with people whilst shooting was occurring which was great. A huge plus for me was the absence of any form of headache after the days shooting which was my main aim to eliminate - I know these Pro X's did the job & very well indeed - The quality of build & fit are excellent, you can tell by holding & wearing them that you have the top of the range product on your head. The materials used in manufacture are heavy duty & they seem incredibly robust compared to the cheaper offerings out there - the long warranty makes the cost over time more palatable for those like me who worry about those things. I never thought i'd spend over $400 on hearing protection - but I did & my ears are thanking me. I'm not so sure of the need of the LED light as i'd never use it but I'm sure maybe night time hunters would appreciate the extra illumination. Im trying to give 5 stars but I'm a tight wad & am only deducting a star due to the hip pocket hurt. Buy once - cry once rings very true here. If you're on the fence - buy them - they will serve you very well.