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Eemann Tech CZ Shadow 2 Upgrade Kit

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A worthwhile upgrade

This upgrade kit significantly lightens the trigger pull in both single and dual action mode as well as the trigger travel in single action mode. The components are made from high quality materials. I put this into a brand new Shadow 2 that had only a dozen rounds through it. You have to be a little skilled and mechanically minded to muster the install yourself. I admit to spending about 2 hours on it. Eemann Tech does sell specific tools for installation of the small trigger and sear springs. However, it can be done without those. I took guidance from 2 separate videos on YouTube. One was from Paul in WA who appears to be an official Eemann Tech representative (search for: Eemann Tech Upgrade Kit for Shadow 2 (ET-130052) installation). To be honest, I had problems after installation with the trigger getting stuck in the backward position. I found that the pin connecting the new Eemann Tech disconnector to the the trigger was not installed fully flush and created resistance. My mistake! It highlights that attention to detail is required. On the upside, I am now fully competent in dismantling and reassembling the Shadow 2. All in all a positive experience and a worthwhile upgrade. The trigger is just great now.