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Front Sight Fibre Optic Rod (Pack of Three)

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Our Reviews

Better than expected

I’ve just changed over to green fibre due to my slight colour blindness. This fibre was so easy to work with and the green really pops in good light and is still ok in less than optimal indoor conditions (St Marys indoor range).

Bright bright bright

Replaced the old fibre in my SVI with this fibre and very happy with the result. Very bright an clear. Good quality fibre.

Fibre Optic Rod (1mm, Red)

Good visual, flexible, not brittle

Fibre Optic Rod (1mm, Green)

Good visual, flexible, not brittle

Glows in daylight

Fast shipping & fitted well. Balls up & the Green is very luminescent. Will see how it lasts comaired to OEM fitted rod.

Great product works well

After one failed attempt, I quickly got the hang of installing the fibre sights. Youtube videos also helped.