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DAA Racer Magazine Pouch with Magnet

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A must have addition to your rig. Great service!

Comes with everything you need to customize this mag pouch to fit your pistol, in my case a CZ SP-01 Shadow. Also fully adjustable positioning on belt, left or Right handed, height and angle adjustment to suit your needs.

Great service and products

The gear arrived and has all the adjustments need for glock mags and the series mags I have stick to the magnet like glue

DAA Racer Mag Pouch - with Magnet

I purchased one of the DAA Racer Mag Pouch with Magnet and was impressed with the pack received both for quality and price. I found the insertion of the spacer to be a little tricky but that is probably the case with all mag pouches. I had to install the wide spacer for my CZ 75 Shadow Magazines but once in a slight adjustment and they were a perfect fit. I found the magnet a little too powerful and took a bit of a pull to get the loaded mag away and into the gun.

Great Product - Highly Recommended

I have purchased the DAA Racer Pouch with Magnet - I am Very Happy with this addition to my belt. The DAA Racer Pouch is well manufactured and allows for smooth insertion and removal of magazines. The adjustment wheel allows for quick (tool free) adjustment of the level of retention of your magazine, from loose to firm. Ideal for setting your requirements for a particular course of fire or shooting style. Strong magnet, holds magazine in place till you remove it. Great for stages where you have to pick up magazines from the table. . The belt fitment mechanism is great allows for consistent belt contact between inner and outer belts. The Best Mag pouch I have used! I highly recommend this product. Thanks again. This Review was originally posted on the 08/02/2014