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TKC Moonclip - S&W 627 / 627 Pro / 627 TRR8 / 327 / 327 PD - SS - 8 Shot, .025

.38 / .357 Magnum - 8 Shot - Starline Brass

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Moon Clips for S&W Revolver

I am happy with this product, very snug and firm grip on brass. The brass fits very tight on the moon clip and hasn't got any movement. Tolerances are very minute and I feel a little looser grip on the brass would allow for a more flexible reload. I use the stainless moon clip purchased for loaded starts, I have a blue steel option moon clip that are a little thinner but allow more flexibility when loading, down fall of these are they are weaker and subject to expansion and warpage over time, unusable after this occurs.