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CED XL-Professional Range Bag

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CED Range Bag

This bag is awesome to take to the range, heaps of space, padded pockets and heavy duty zips.. joy to use and own


Excellent bag recommend it to anyone

Sometimes bigger is better

If you want a range bag that will hold everything you're likely to take to the gun range you'd be hard pressed to find a better product (and I tried). It took a few hours of backward and forward brain ache before I finally bit the bullet (I guess pun intended) and settled on this range bag. I'm so very pleased that I did. I have a smaller bag that I take to trap shooting but since I started target handgun I quickly found that I needed much more space in a bag. This bag is really well made and very well padded. Part of the reason I chose this one is the removable inner bag. I can turn up with everything I need in the bag and then take the inner bag out when moving down the range distances carrying my chosen handgun plus magazines, ammo, ears and eyes and the included spent cartridge bag. The whole package has made shooting even more enjoyable. This is not the cheapest bag you may find but it's absolutely worth the money.