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The new generation of shooting backpacks has arrived, and it is bigger and better than ever! No other comes close! 

Competitive Edge Dynamics and Double Alpha Academy are proud to introduce the latest and BEST in this style of range bags!

Backpacks have a distinct advantage over traditional shoulder-strap bags as they distribute & balance the weight more evenly, making them more comfortable to carry over long distances (often the case on large IPSC shooting ranges). However, standard run-of-the-mill backpacks don't really cut it. While they may be comfortable to carry, most "Tactical" backpacks do not offer the features and design needed by competitive shooters on the range. Furthermore, they do not always remain upright when placed on the ground.

The new CED/DAA RangePack Pro is functionally designed by shooting professionals from the ground up specifically for IPSC/USPSA, and IDPA shooters. It is an extra large backpack, chalked full of design features and accessories for the serious shooter.

The backpack is designed to stand upright on its rubberised waterproof base, allowing for easy access to all its multiple compartments. Starting with the large lockable upper compartment, which includes a detachable 7-pocket magazine holder. Additional pockets specifically designed for a mag-brush, hearing protectors and a bottle of Progrip or to store the combination cable lock. There is even a pocket designed for the multi-purpose plastic utility box that comes included. The structured cover of this upper compartment includes a zippered pocket for papers, business cards, and pens, as well as elastic straps for additional tools and accessories.

The back panel is designed with dense padding to provide support in all the right places. The thick, densely padded shoulder straps are contoured for the utmost in comfort and function even when packed with 15 or 20 kg of gear.

For those wet rainy days on the range, the backpack includes a rain cover neatly packed away in a concealed pocket, always at hand when needed. The rain cover is designed to protect the backpack while being worn by the user giving access to the shoulder straps, even when covered.

The large lower compartment is encased in a hard plastic shell, giving the bag strength, rigidity, and structure. This lower compartment can easily be accessed through the large lockable front opening and can hold 500 rounds of ammo plus 2 zippered pistol sleeves, or up to 1000 rounds and 1 pistol sleeve. The compartment is even large enough to contain the CED medium size waterproof case!


  • 3.4kg (7.4lbs) excluding accessories
  • 4.9kg (10.8lbs) with all accessories Total Dimensions: 55H x 40W x 32Dcm
  • Bottom Compartment: 19.4H x 32.5W x 25Dcm
  • Top Compartment: 32.5H x 32.5W x 25Dcm

Accessories Included:

  • A red zippered Pistol Sleeve 
  • A red Universal Pouch 
  • 2.0 Litre Hydration Kit with drinking tube 
  • A Sturdy 3-legged stool with carry pouch 
  • Customised Rain Cover 
  • Multi-Purpose plastic Utility Box 
  • DAA Mag Brush 
  • Cable Combination Lock
  • Custom External Belt Hanger


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Great bag - get the cart!

By: on 22 December 2016
Great pack. Massive size. Perfect for ipsc gear whores who want to carry all the spares, cleaning gear, ammo and heaps of stuff we don't need. My advice is if you're looking at this bag buy the matching cart. They work best as a pair. This backpack is huge and weighs 5kg empty... By the time it has gun(s) ammo, drinks, parts, other gear it can be a 20kg plus beast. They guys I've seen using them as backpacks seemed to get much more wear and tear on the bag. Not to mention the pain of lugging it around on their backs. As a backpack id suggest get the medium one or look at the gps tactical range pack (another great bag). But if you want loads of space in comfort this bag and the cart is the rolls Royce option.

Perfect For Me

16 December 2016
When I first got into shooting I purchased the DAA Medium RangePack from DB so, when it was time to upgrade, going back to DB was a no brainier. This Pro bag has all the strength, durability and versatility of the medium bag, but in a larger size. I was surprised how quickly I filled the medium bag with all my shooting accessories. The Pro bag comes with some extra goodies which helps make it even more appealing. I'm picking up the cart for it next month as well in order to make it even easier to get around. Many of my comments on the medium RangePack are applicable here so please take a moment to read my review for that item. You will not be disappointed with this bag and all it's extras. I'm now doing Service Match and 3 Gun, and this bag suits my needs to a T. You will also not be disappointed when dealing with David. I've purchased many items from David now and it's a pleasure doing business with him. He's very helpful and informative. The essence of customer service. Thanks David. I look forward to my next purchase.

best range bag.

By: on 6 February 2015
Heaps of pouches and good size compartment for gun and separate ammo compartment. I can padlock the ammo compartment during transport. Mag brush and brass bag a bonus. Not sure about the drink bladder though I'm sure it will come in handy during the summer. This Review was originally posted on the

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