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CED/DAA RangeCart Pro

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CED/DAA Range Cart Pro

Fast delivery, easy to assemble. Looking forward to using it on those long range days and major comps.

Range Cart Pro

I just put mine together today and attached my range bag to it. The assembly process was simple and straightforward. The overall quality of the cart seems excellent and the finish on the components is spot on

Great cart

To be honest if you're considering the large range pack pro then you NEED this cart. The large range pack is huge and honestly too big as a backpack. But on the cart it works perfectly. Plenty of storage. Great for ipsc matches where you are lugging your gear from range to range from 1-4 days. It's a bit pricey but way better than other options. The Tyres are nice and big which is needed on gravel etc. I got jerked around by the shipping firm but David was very helpful. If you want to be able to easily lug heaps of stuff the cart and the large backpack is the easy way to do it.

Great cart for your Range Bag

I have seen many people with the Rangepack Pro Backpack using a cheap alternative for pulling it around, frankly I can't see the reason for not having the matching bag and cart as they are made for each other. To boot it has the extra shelf for fiddling with the ammunition and extra water bottle storage both invaluable for use on the range.

Missing parts

Received cart without axle and locking pins for wheels. (Missing parts have been shipped to customer, along with our sincere apologies, via Express Post, as soon as they were received from manufacturer).

Range Cart Pro

Range Cart Pro is very well made and will be a great assistance to carry my shooting gear. The picture had the shooting bag on the cart and not reading that the bag was not included Was my mistake I am waiting for you to email me when the next shipment arrives.