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Nationals Sponsorship Activities

Paul winning last month's 2016 Victorian State Titles & IPSCNT Calendar

David Bailey Shooting Supplies is very pleased to have been able to sponsor a stage at this year's IPSC Handgun Nationals being held at Southern Vales, Adelaide, South Australia.

So if you are there keep an eye out for our stage where our banner will be proudly displayed.

We wish everyone attending, organising and supporting this historic event (It's the 40th Anniversary of the our sport in Australia) a safe and above enjoyable match. Wish we were there!

In particular we wish Paul, Stavros and Savvas, who we provided sponsorship for, a very productive time. Also let's not forget Wendy who provides such tremendous support and encouragement for her very successful Team Hagiantoniou.


Here is Paul winning last month's 2016 Victorian State Titles:


We hope Paul and his new CZ SP01 will triumph once again


2016 IPSCNT Calendar

Well this is as close as we will ever come to being a pinup!

We are one of the sponsors of the 2016 IPSCNT Calendar and aptly enough we are on the month of March:


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