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DB Projectiles and the WA State Titles

Did a crush test in the vice and the coating is still intact! And they are nice and hard.

DB Bonded Coated Lead Alloy Projectiles

David Bailey Shooting Supplies is proud to announce that Chris Savill (IPSC Grand Master, Standard Division) used DB Bonded Coated Lead Alloy Projectiles to win the  IPSC WA State Titles, Standard Division.

These projectiles are now available in 500g sample packs for those customers who would like to evaluate them before purchasing in larger quantities.

Here's some quotes from Chris:

"Did a crush test in the vice and the coating is still intact! And they are nice and hard. 
Most other brands I have crushed in a vice like this come out with chips and cracks in the coating. Very impressed so far. Still gotta shoot them".

Chris has stated that he will be using the projectiles from now on.

David Bailey Shooting Supplies would like to take this opportunity in thanking Chris for his faith in our products and also on his win. WELL DONE!

Hagiantoniou Family

David Bailey Shooting Supplies would like to congratulate Paul, Stavros and Savvas on their results.

Paul switched to Classic this year and won the division by a margin of 31.63%. Stavros was placed 2nd in the Production Division (1st Junior) and only 3.51% behind the winner, whilst Savvas was placed a very respectful 7th place. WELL DONE!


Team Hagiantoniou with David Bailey


The driving force, and camera person behind Team Hagiantoniou, the wonderful Wendy with David Bailey



David Bailey Shooting Supplies Stall

David Bailey Shooting Supplies would like to say thank you to all the people that dropped by for a chat and/or to purchase their products. 

David Bailey said "It is always a pleasure to catch up with our customers and to show off some of the great products we have. We hope to be back again next year to do it all again. Thank you to all our customers and to IPSC WA, PVPC, the Hagiantoniou family and Chris Savill for your support. Without you all we would not exist."

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