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Gun Butter Dealer

We are now an official Gun Butter Dealer and have in stock the IPSC Oil, Pen Oiler and Trigger and Locking Lug Grease.

David Bailey Shooting Supplies is now the number one International Dealer for Gun Butter (well alphabetically anyway).
Gun Butter Dealers
"Our product was developed and brought about through necessity. Our “Team Gun Butter” had experienced lubrication failures or dry gun conditions while using virtually every type of lubrication product available on the market. Individual lubes failed for a host of reasons in the varied conditions experienced by our shooters throughout the United States during all four seasons. This is what prompted us to develop a firearms lubricant that would work in any weather condition every time. Gun Butter was developed for shooters by an empathetic and energized Aerospace Engineering Design Team. Their input using Continuous Quality Improvement ideals and techniques allowed the development of a firearms lubricant that exceeded our wildest expectations". Mark Turney

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