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CED7000PRO & CED8000 Discontinued

CED7000PRO & CED8000 Discontinued and Removed from webstore

David Bailey Shooting Supplies retails a number of Competitive Edge Dynamics (CED) products.

As with all things models are supersede or discontinued as time passes by.




This timer was discontinued in September 2014 but dealers still had stock until quite recently. 

The reason for it being discontinued is stated by CED to have been "the loss of three major components from suppliers" and that "the cost and time that would be incurred in re-programming, firmware, PCB layout and compatibility testing, far out weigh the potential profitability of the product long range.

However although David Bailey Shooting Supplies does not stock the timer itself, it does still stock the following dedicated accessories:

CED7000PRO Screen Protector

CED7000PRO Silicone Skins



We have very recently been informed that the CED8000 has now been discontinued and we have removed it from our store.

CED have stated that the CED8000 has been "discontinued as the components (IC Chip) is no longer available in the market and the cost to redo the entire timer is not worth the return on volume units sold". Currently CED themselves do have a very limited number on stock.


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