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DB Bonded Coated Lead Alloy Projectiles

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These are very great projies. I've started using them in my SIG and have also started moving across my Production loads to these projies too. Very nice to reload and don't get your hands dirty. A+

The Red Rockets Work

I have loaded and shot around 500 so far and have not had any dramas at all. They are shooting great consistent groups. I was worried about changing projectiles but am very happy I did. I now have 3000 in my cupboard

Reliable Projectiles

The projectiles are very consistent and i have been making power factor no worries. Your rounds may look like mini lipstick but they work well.

New secret weapon for standard division

The new projectiles are awesome. Excellent coating that leaves no fouling or smoke. The heavier projectiles make shooting 357 sig major quite comfortable with far less felt recoil and more importantly, less muzzle rise.

Awesome bullets, very consistant

Have scored my best results using these red beauties, quality is great will be buying plenty more