DAA PRO Belt (Red 100cm/39.4")

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Overall Length (NOT Waist Size)

Please note that these belts are no longer being manufactured by DAA, and they will be discontinued as they run out of stock.

Compared to the DAA Competition Belt, this belt is a higher quality belt, which is less rigid, narrower and thinner. A big bonus with this belt is that you can now insert your contact details into the name tag holder and clearly identify your rig as your own.

The DAA PRO Belt incorporates the following features: 

  • Clear Name Tag Holder
  • Dual-tone webbing on the outer belt
  • DAA Logo text on the Inner Belt
  • Rubberised DAA Logo Security Loop

Comes with:

  • Inner Belt
  • Outer Belt
  • Security Loop with DAA Logo

Inner Belt

The inner belt has a slim profile to allow it to be worn closer to your body as comfortable as possible. It is pointed at one end to allow easy insertion into belt loops on your clothing and has an outer Velcro layer which not only affixes it to the outer belt but also prevents it snagging on car seats or other clothing when worn separately.

Outer Belt

The belt is very slightly thinner and narrower than the DAA Competition Belt. This makes it easier to thread on other manufacture's gear, being less rigid makes it also more comfortable to wear. 

Important - How to Select the correct belt size

  1. Measure Your Waist - Do not rely on your pant size. Measure your waist where your belt will go and make a note of it.
  2. Add Overlap length - We recommend an overlap of between 18-25cm (smaller sizes add 18cm, larger sizes add 25cm). 
  3. Overall Length - Add your measured waist size to the required overlap and then select the Overall Length.

The Inner Belt and Security Loop can also be purchased separately if you require replacements.


DAA Competition Belt and the DAA PRO Belt, what's the functional difference?

The DAA Competition Belt is very stiff and this is probably the most important feature of an IPSC Belt. Having a stable platform for both your holster and your magazine pouches etc is essential.

The two aspects of having a very stiff belt are that it does not follow the contours of your body and can leave gaps (this is especially true for smaller waist sizes).

Secondly to achieve this stiffness DAA made the belt slightly thicker and slightly wider than most of IPSC belts.This means fitting other manufactures gear which is required to be threaded onto the belt quite difficult (although achievable).

The DAA PRO Belt is slightly thinner and narrower than the DAA Competition Belt and is more attuned to the dimensions of other manufacturer's belts. This makes threading on other manufacture's gear much easier and the belt more comfortable to wear.

The DAA PRO Belt is still a stiff belt and is just a little bit stiffer than the CR Speed High Torque Belt.

If you want an exceptionally stiff belt for high performance in competition (particularly when on the move) then the DAA Competition Belt is the way to go.

If you want a sleeker more comfortable belt and/or looking at using non-DAA Holsters & Magazine Pouches then the DAA PRO Belt may well be the way to go.


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DAA Pro Belt

By: on 15 August 2016
Great belt, well made. Holds Your gear firmly, no fear of anything moving on this belt. Great service.

Great Belt Fits Well.

By: on 16 June 2016
This is my first belt and it is great, had no issues fitting my holster though the Cr Speed mag holders were very tight and hard to get on, But with abit of work I got there, Otherwise great product and always amazing service from David. Thanks

DAA Pro Belt - Great Product

By: on 23 June 2015
I purchased the DAA Pro Belt as my first holster belt and was very happy with the quality and price. I had no issue fitting the Bladetech holster and attaching the mag pouches i purchased from David Bailey

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