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DAA Mr. Bulletfeeder - Pistol

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Our Reviews

Its worth it!

We bought it to go with the new Dillon 650, it works fantastic. Read the instructions. There are small "leafs" and a ramp that are in the drum of the feeder that may require adjusting depending on your projectile. Also make sure that the metal feed tube (spring) is not pulling the part that screws into the die one way or another, or this can cause several projectiles to fall through at once. It took a little while to figure that part out, but now it is sorted it runs a dream. Would highly recommend it.

Very nice and must have item!!!

It saves lots of time and make the reloading much more easier. Worth to buy and every shooter should have one.

Excellent product

Lives up to every claim. Was easy to set up and hasn't missed a beat. How did I manage without one?

Awesome Product

Thanks David. The bullet feeder is brilliant. Out of the box it is feeding 115gn RN 9mm, 125gn conical and 135gn RN 38 Super perfectly on a Hornady Lock n Load AP press. Reloading efficiency has been increased significantly. Thanks again for the great service. This Review was originally posted on the 26/10/2013

Neat piece of gear

Thanks, David. I should have bought one years ago. A bit fiddly to set up, but lots of instruction videos online to help, so not a major drama and well worth the effort. I found a few 9mm 125 grain projectiles would tip over the wrong way for a while, until I adjusted the angle of the feeder a small amount as recommended to make it less steep and then everything was fine. Good quality, good product, good service. This Review was originally posted on the 05/06/2013

Mr Bulletfeeder it's GREAT!!

Just a bit of feedback on the Mr Bulletfeeder I got a few weeks ago. Dealing with you was about as easy as it gets and your shipping charge is bloody marvellous. As for the Mr Bulletfeeder it's GREAT!! I had a bit of head scratching to work out the mounting for my Dillon 650 got confused between the 650/1050 instructions but ended up mounting on the left side as I was keeping the powder checker. I have only used it for .38 125gn FP Coated Lead Cast projectiles so far. It took a bit of extra fine tuning with the angle of the collator to stop the Nose Down projectiles tilting the FP onto the ledge and missing being turned but looking at the help video for the nose guide helped me get on top of that. It has done around 600 rounds now in two sessions of about 40 minutes each and I am as happy as can be, lately I haven't been unable to load more than 100-150 rounds a session without having pain and cramps in my left hand from placing the projectiles on the cases, this made it more of a chore than a pleasure, just one of the problems with ageing I suppose. Mr Bulletfeeder has taken this problem away completely and I am looking forward to upping the output back to around 400+ rounds an hour once I get back into the swing of things. I like this so much that I will be ordering 2 more 9mm/38 powder droppers for my .357 and 9mm tool heads and the .45 Conversion with extra powder dropper for my .45ACP and .45 Colt tool heads. Keep up the good work. Cheers Lazy Dave SASA 3075 SASS 74617 Single Action Shooters are not liable for any person who is transported back to the 1800's after experiencing Single Action Shooting and is unable or unwilling to return to the 21st Century. Go on take a know you want to This Review was originally posted on the 22/09/2014