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CE Pro Chrono Digital Chronograph

Our Reviews

Excellent product with even better support from th

I purchased this chrono a couple of years ago and had the misfortune to put a round through it recently damaging some of the electronic components. In determining how to repair the unit i asked the manufacturer for some technical information and was pleasantly surprised with not only answers to all my questions but also advice as to where i might source some of the components. These guys really back their gear and support their customers - they have won me

pro chrono digital

the pro chrono digital has been a welcome purchase of recent and we have been very pleased with its simplicity and accuracy. as an active re-loader i would highly recommend this specific tool to compliment a re-loaders kit . prior to purchase we could only guess what our reloads were producing and even with accurate manuals and reloading techniques it was only this device that gave us the final numbers . i found david bailey to be great to deal with and his dispatch rate to vic was super fast . thanks david very much. rick from vic

Great bit of Kit

I had a Pro Chrono some 15 years ago, that performed faultlessly for several years. Based on proven performance I did not hesitate in purchasing the Pro Chrono Digital. Once again, great service from DB. Cheers.

Pro Chrono

Did a lot of research on this ,compared to what else is available, pro chrono definitely has the edge on the chrony, and other more expensive ones too, the Bluetooth add on is something I will look at down the track , but for now I'm very happy with this product , and would definitely buy another,very good value.Especially from DB shooting supplies

Pro chrono

Hi David, pleasure dealing with you, the pro chrono performs flawlessly, great product, great price, great friendly service, thanks Geoff Thorpe AAA+ service

Awesome Product!

Found it VERY easy to use and have it connected to the software via available usb dongle.....AWESOME product