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DAA Race Master Magazine Pouch with Magnet

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DAA race master mag pouch with magnet

Great idea, love the magnet for obvious reasons.

DAA Magnetic Pouch - Highly Attractive

(Yes - Pun intended) This is an extremely attractive and highly functional magazine holder. I have been running four DAA Race Master Aluminium pouches - shooting both IPSC and ISSF/PA matches, and find them simply the best - and I have tried several other brands. The Magnet/Pouch adds an extra dimension that is both highly useful, and adds speed to mag changes - it is simplicity itself to either pre-load a full mag on the magnet for very quick access (will actually hold two mags), or just use it to slap the first mag back after loading the first round for IPSC. A great purchase and very good value product which delivers what it promises. Several of my shooting mates are now changing to the pouch/mag holder after seeing mine.

DAA Race Master magazine Pouch with Magnet

Used this item on the 14/2/2015 for the first time,found it very easy to use, the magnet is very powerful on single stack magazines, fitting to belt and setting up for single stack magazines with adapters also easy! overall i am very happy with the product and highly recommend it