DAA Mini XL650 Case Feeder (9mm/38S)


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The DAA Mini XL650 Case Feeder provides a economical and simple set up solution for case feeder on your Dillon XL650 press.

Using the same principle as the very popular DAA Mini Mr. Bulletfeeder, cases are preloaded by hand into the 6 tubes which hold approx. 150 9mm, 130 .40/.357sig, or 120 38S cases.

Using the included custom adaptor piece, you simply seat the Magazine atop your XL650, click the first tube into place and you are ready to go. Each time a tube empties out, click the next one into position and continue reloading.


The Mini XL650 Case Feeder includes:

  • One 6-tube magazine assembly
  • one Adaptor Piece.

Additional Magazine Assemblies may be purchased separately to increase the number of available cases.

Please note:

  • The magazine assemblies are not caliber specific, and can be used for 9, 38 or .40 brass. We do not have a solution for .45 at this time.
  • The adaptor part IS caliber specific, with one being suitable for 9/.38 and another being for 0.40.
  • When filling the tubes, rotate the base of the assembly so that it is positioned between tubes- that way none of the columns line up with the hole in the bottom and the brass will not fall out prematurely.
  • You can use the 9/.38 kit for 38SPL or .357 however you will need to modify slightly the bottom of the adaptor - shorten the stem.


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A great alternative

By: on 30 December 2016
This is a great alternative for the electric case feeder it fits roughly 150 9 mm cases in at a time. I find doing 150 at a time gives you a break between going at them again ,you can case gauge your ammo clean up your bench re primer your machine and get into it again!

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