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CED/DAA RangePack (Medium Size) Backpack

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Our Reviews

Excellent Quality for IPSC or General Range Use

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this range bag and I've not been disappointed. I looked at 5.11 and G.P.S and finally settled on this one based on my research. It's VERY well made. The overall structure of the bag is appropriately rigid to allow it to stand upright at all times. The fabric, stitching and zips are all very well put together and finished. It feels robust and rugged and exudes style. The ammo section is very capacious. You could easily fit a few thousand rounds of 9mm if you had to. The fact that it comes with a gun pouch and brass pouch is a great bonus. I'm not certain how many guns it will accommodate in total, however I imagine it would be at least 3. The shoulder straps are strong and comfortable, with the padding on the rear of the bag adding even further to the positive carrying experience. 8 magazine holders and room for your eyes, ears, gloves, some cleaning gear, and more. It also comes with a strap to attach your belt with holsters. As Jerry Miculek would say; "whoooweeee, get some". This bag will not disappoint. And neither will the service from David. I've definitely found my local supplier for DAA gear. Thanks David

Every IPSC Shooter Needs One!!

I had been searching for a new range bag for ages and had looked at every conceivable option. I was looking for a range bag that could be carried all day during competitions and would not put too much strain on the shoulders. An important criteria was also the storage space and storage options to which this bag ticks all the boxes. I have loaded this backpack with 2 guns and 600 rounds and it's an absolute pleasure to carry. Well done DAA, you have built the finest range bag on the market as far as I'm concerned. Thanks David Bailey for the exceptional service and great delivery. This Review was originally posted on the 09/07/2014